Join us August 18/19th 2018 for a unique two

day ride to help end this terrible disease.

33rd annual ride MS donations to date:  $2,203,765.00

Please consider joining the others that have generously given of their time and finances to help us reach our goal!

Time is getting short!

We can make this happen!

Our goal for 2017 is $30,000

Let's watch this list grow!

How long until the next ride?

Team NameTotal Amount
Ben Knaus$20.00
Bill Hall$100.00
Carl and Denise$2555.00
Connie Morris$120.00
David Bipes$1,450.00
Kathleen Maleck$50.00
Keith Franklin$785.00
Lee Krahenbuhl$700.00
Natalie and Terry Ostrom$100.00
Ron Liffring$340.00
Sandy and Mark Degonda$500.00
Sarah and Jay Hill$590.00
Scott and Maggie Van Stone$370.00
William Vihovde$100.00

Our heart-felt appreciation goes out to those who have already donated!

​Our goal for 2017 is $30,000